How A Scrawny Homeless Kid
In An Orphanage Stumbled Onto The Secret
That Will Defeat Fear, Banish Doubt,
And Transform Your Life!


Now You Can Discover Your Unique Power
To Attract Boundless Prosperity, Optimum Health
and Lasting Happiness!

Dear Internet Friend,

Iím going to make you an incredible promise.

What Iím about to share with you will be the most important lesson of your life. Because at Secret Success we make personal transformation easy.

And donít worry! Iím not going to lecture you on time-management, investment programs or the latest weight loss craze!

Instead, Iíll guide you to success using timeless techniques successfully used by thousands to transform their lives. Itís like following their footprints to anything you want in life.

As a matter of fact, youíll quickly become an expert at programming the worldís most powerful computer... your brain.

Your Inner Power is Unlimited

Itís true! From the day you were born, your brain forms new learning connections at an amazing 3 BILLION per second! Tap into your inner power source ó you can achieve anything!

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Consider this...

During the first space exploration to Mars in 1997, the historic event was tracked for 3 days by 200 million Internet ďhitsĒ. By comparison, in one swift second, your 3-pound brain can make 15 times as many connections! And nobody on the planet is using more than a fraction of that astounding potential.

But itís much more than a ďbrain stuffĒ of information. Unless you reprogram your powerful computer to process new input correctly, youíre doomed to failure.

Because right now, your emotions and feelings are dictating every aspect of your life. And Iíd be willing to guess thatís not working very well.

Hereís what I mean...

Have you ever felt like this?

  • Frustrated because you canít lose weight?
  • Discouraged because no matter how hard you work youíll never make enough money to live the way you want?
  • Lonely because you canít find lasting love?
  • Scared because you secretly depend on pills, patches or a six-pack to make it through each day?
  • Stuck because of past traumas or financial losses?

So hereís the question.

Would you like a magnetized life that
easily attracts everything you want?

When you have the right emotions and thoughts fueling your actions, you are much more likely to get what you want.

Itís amazingly simple, when you discover the Five Forgotten Fundamentals.

Imagine your joy and power when you...

  • Become a money magnet to attract wealth.
  • Easily lose excess weight and feel confident about your body.
  • Enjoy the incredible opportunities that fall into your lap.
  • Feel years younger with revitalized energy and optimum health.
  • Find your soul mate...and your passion!

Iím eager to share this with you! Because youíll feel the difference from the very first day. Itís so stunningly simple, youíll wonder why youíve waited so long.

Because the lack of anything in your life is a mindset. And your mind is an instrument of power. In the simplest possible terms... what you think becomes your reality.

Grounded in timeless universal Whatever you want to call ďreap what you sowĒ. Itís not new, but it is continually forgotten.

Even as you read this, the concepts of the Five Forgotten Fundamentals are helping thousands of people just like you to achieve their dreams.

There is a place where the seeds of success germinate. Find this place and personal success and real happiness will be yours. HERE IT IS!!!!

John Harricharan ó Award Winning Author ďWhen You Can Walk On Water, Take the BoatĒ

What a surprise! At times funny, other times liberating, always insightful. Well worth reading!

Joe ďMr. FireĒ Vitale ó Author ďSpiritual MarketingĒ

You may even already know WHAT you should do...but something keeps holding you back. You find yourself resisting.

But the good news is...


You have the power to choose
your own destiny!

Maybe youíre already a little excited at the thought. But if you doubt, think about this...

Doubt and Fear cause you to second guess your every move, and keeps you from moving forward. Anger diverts you from your goals and exhausts your energy. Despair and guilt rob you of happiness. Depression paralyzes you and makes you feel inadequate.

Do you see a common thread? Your own emotions and thoughts are what block you. They are powerful! When you learn to focus them in the right direction, YOU become unstoppable.

Thereís a simple way to quickly learn to reprogram your internal ďcomputerĒ. Because no matter how many courses or seminars you show up matter how many books you wade through...itís an inside job.

And you have everything you need right between your ears.

All you have to do is take action!

The Quakers have a saying, ďAs you pray, move your feet.Ē

Perhaps youíre here at this exact moment, because you are ready to move your feet. All the seminars, education, and training in the world wonít help, if you arenít ready to take the action.

With the Five Forgotten Fundamentals, you can begin. Theyíre timeless, proven, and powerful. Even people with life shattering obstacles have triumphed with them.

Itís universal energy, and itís smarter than you or me.

You canít outsmart the
Five Forgotten Fundamentals...
thatís why it works!

Iím Dr. Houston Vetter.

Iím your guide ó your own Human Potential Coach.

And I can assure you ó youíll overcome anything life hands you when you discover your inner power.

I know, because itís worked for me, and thousands of others too.

You see, at the tender age of 3, my mother took me on a drive. It was a sunny day, and we headed out to the country. I was happy with our unexpected adventure! Unusual in my short life, already clouded by a fatherís violent rages.

We slowly rolled up to a colorless brick building. Weíd reached my new home ó the county orphanage.

At first, she visited on weekends. Waiting anxiously on the porch, I strained to see her car.

But then came the terrible day her visits stopped. I stubbornly refused to leave the porch that weekend.

Weeks crawled into months. I avoided the porch, accepted my new life, and learned to choose happiness.

That strong willed little kid still leads the way. Frankly, abandonment could have broken my spirit and unleashed demons of self-destruction.

Hereís what made the difference...

My thoughts. A childís simple choice for happiness.
My young mind hardwired in new meaning.

That was a powerful lesson. And over the years, I continued to explore how Iíd been able to handle the most fundamental loss a child can endure.

As you can see, it has nothing to do with the wisdom of age. It isnít about being super smart or born on easy street. And itís easy to put into action, because...

  • You donít need fancy degrees, or even a high school diploma for that matter.
  • You donít need superior intelligence. Ordinary street smarts and an open mind are what counts.
  • You donít need a ton of money, just willingness to try.
  • You canít fail! If you do it, your life will change!

As a small business owner, just understanding the Second Fundamental is a big burden off my shoulders.

Josea McMillian, Conroe, TX

Since the Circuit Breaker and Four Waves drill take less than 5 minutes a day, I find myself doing them more often. My energy to cope and change business stress is very strong.

Heidi Pizano, Beaumont, TX

I agree with Houston. You donít have to give up what you believe. This just makes what you believe work so much better!

Kay Carliyn, The Woodlands, TX

Iím really surprised. I got this to win at business. My wife uses it to lose weight, her sister to turn depression around. The biggest surprise is that my personal relationships are much better.

Ron Thomas, Pasadena, TX

ďWhen the student is ready,
the teacher will appear.Ē

Throughout the past twenty years, Iíve been blessed by guidance from the best.

But now, with the Five Forgotten Fundamentals, youíll easily absorb decades of wisdom in minutes. Drawn from great minds like Richard Bandler and Wayne Dyer... youíll be guided step by step.

Notice I said "guide"...because to find your real teacher...look inward.

Let me explain how it works...

Iíve broken the Five Forgotten Fundamentals into three easy to use coaching modules.

Coaching Session #1

The Five Forgotten Fundamentals of Maximum Success
to Achieve Your Dreams!

Youíll learn...

  • How a simple 6-letter word can lead you to success
  • The secret to Power Thinking
  • To recognize unknown anchors that are weighing you down
  • The five essential building blocks to create your ideal life

Coaching Session #2

Short-Circuit Fear, Frustration and Doubt
to Achieve Maximum Success!

You will...

  • Quickly remove roadblocks that sabotage success
  • Channel energy to attract abundance
  • Banish damaging negativity from your life

Coaching Session #3

Use the Secret of the Four Waves for Maximum Success
to Achieve and Keep Your Dreams!

How to easily...

  • Use the simple act of breathing to change your life
  • Achieve lasting inner peace and happiness
  • Learn a powerful 5 minute technique to create your own destiny

Wouldnít you agree that life is too short to waste time crying over mistakes and lost opportunities? Stop blocking your own happiness! You must decide.

But donít just take my word for it...

ďYou are now at a crossroads. This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. Forget your past. Who are you now? Who have you decided you really are now? Don't think about who you have been. Who are you now? Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously. Make it carefully. Make it powerfully.ď

Tony Robbins

"Youíve created a very useful and valuable guide for anyone who wants to experience success and fulfillment. Youíve laid out a path for many to follow. The information contained in your book is bound to change the lives of those who read it."

John Harricharan, Author "When You Can Walk On Water, Take the Boat"

Say YES and open the door to boundless prosperity, vibrant health, and lasting happiness. Do something important for yourself now.

Iím so certain that the Five Forgotten Fundamentals coaching sessions will transform your life, Iím going to make a confession.

Normally, Iím a very private guy. But Iím willing to do whatever it takes to prove how powerful this is.

Discover the hidden gifts of your life!

Life has a funny way of dishing out challenges along the way.

Maybe like me, youíve struggled to understand ďwhyĒ sometimes.

I even became a Pastor at one point. Now my purpose surges beyond church walls. But thereís no such thing as a ďtoll freeĒ life. I still had to survive...

  • Devastating abandonment by my family.
  • A car accident that left me with me in coma with a broken neck, unable to walk.
  • Betrayal when a crumbling business partnership brought financial ruin.
  • The humiliation of depending on friends for food and shelter...a heartbeat away from homeless.

Like you, I questioned the universe.

Until the powerful reality of the Five Forgotten Fundamentals. Theyíll profoundly change your life! They have for me, and thousands of others.

You can...

  • Heal past hurts that block you from progressing.
  • Discover lasting happiness like youíve never known.
  • Live fully in abundance, free of financial worry.

But be prepared. When these simple truths become a force in your life, itíll hit like lightening! Because itís all part of the universal energy leading to this point.

And the change in your reality will be breathtaking!

Iíve been blessed so abundantly from this.
Money, health, and happiness are my daily companions.
And now you can have it too, because...

I have a present for you!

Normally, the three coaching modules of the Five Forgotten Fundamentals sell for $49 each.

But I donít want you to miss out because you think you can only afford one (and that negative mindset will quickly vanish once you begin!) You simply must have all three modules to gather all the riches.

So if you promise to choose at least one...Iíll give you the other two absolutely free.

Frankly, thereís more than a few ďinternet gurusĒ who think Iíve gone off the deep end. They say Iíve worked too hard on this to give it away for free.

But I know something they donít. You canít out-give, out-think or out-smart the universe! So hereís the deal...
Youíll receive all three modules of the Five Forgotten Fundamentals for ONE low price of $49. Thatís a value of $147.

But because I want to open the door even wider for you, Iím going to toss in a bonus.

"Two Ways to Change Your Beliefs Fast!"

Power up quickly with these gems...

  • "Use the Tools to Get the Jewels"
  • The power of "Yes" to achieve your dreams

Thatís another $49 gift for you absolutely FREE, a $196 value!

But even this isnít enough for me. Iíve got to make sure you can put this to work in your life immediately. So Iíve saved the explosive best for last.

Letís Blow The Hinges Off the
Floodgates to Prosperity!

Your one-on-one personal coaching session!

Iíve sweat bullets over my schedule, and managed to squeeze out one weekís worth of time. 40 hours. That I normally charge $300 an hour for.

Yes, thatís right. Iím giving away $12,000! (Even my accountant thinks Iíve lost it on this one!)

But I canít in good conscience give it all to you. Iím sure you understand that there are thousands ready to change their life right now.

So Iíve decided to give away 160 FREE fifteen-minute personal coaching sessions. It will be the most powerful fifteen minutes youíve ever spent, because Iím going to personally teach you the Four Waves technique.

I guarantee youíll feel the difference immediately.

In the currency of business (dollars!) this is a $50 value. But in the ďcurrency of the universe?Ē...priceless. Because youíll hit the ground running with this incredible technique to transform a life of wishes to reality.

Make a decision for yourself now. For less than the price of a nice dinner, you can power up your life!

I donít want to disappoint you. I expect my free gifts of personal coaching to be snapped up in a flash. If you wait, youíll miss out!

Let me make it even easier for you.

Along with your gift, you get my personal

I guarantee that if you use the Five Forgotten Fundamentals and your FREE personal coaching bonus, you will experience a measurable difference in your life.

If at any time in the next six months you decide this isnít for you, Iíll refund your full purchase price.

Iíll take all the risk and it wonít cost you one penny!

What could be more fair?
Thereís no good reason to wait. Order right now, and begin today.

Your partner in abundance,

Dr. Houston Vetter

P.S. My ďHow to Use the Secret of the Forgotten FundamentalsĒ Seminars sell out for $795 per person. Now you can have all the same tools, PLUS a FREE personal coaching session, all for only $49! Thatís a whopping 93.9% Savings with a 100% No-Risk Guarantee!

P.P.S. My schedule is booked months ahead for next year, and itís practically set in stone. When my FREE personal coaching openings are gone...theyíre gone.

Please donít miss this life changing opportunity!

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"There isnít a single area of human endeavor that cannot be enhanced using these incredible tools."

L.P. Carson, Carson & Associates
Human Performance Engineers
Johnson City, TN

"If you are tired of being the victim, and donít want to be a villain, get this material! It changed my life."

Gwen Speigal, Buffalo, NY

"Iíve bought everything that Doc puts out. Thereís a reason heís got the nickname ďDoc ResultsĒó youíll find it if you use these tools and work with Doc."

 Peter Schwenk, Susuin City, CA

"Doc Houstonís material helped me go from part-time successful to accomplishing my goal and fulltime success in six months."

Peter Jefferson, London, England

"One phone call with Houston changed my personality."

Eric Loftin, Osaka, Japan

Dr. Houston Vetter

Author of numerous books, video's, DVD's and audio's, Doc Results is a Human Potential Expert working with Individuals and businesses to achieve their highest potential through Consulting, Coaching, Seminars, Workshops and Keynote Speaking.

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